Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear shipping and delivery costs are apart of our shopping cart, and all costs are incurred by all customers, shipping rates are not set by Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear but by Australia Post for smaller items, larger items customers need to contact us to organize a freight company for delivery, all costs are still incurred by the customer.
Privacy & Security
At Dave’s Work ‘N’ Safety Gear we respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website. This privacy statement provides notice of the standards and terms under which we protect the privacy of information supplied by visitors to our website. This policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to review this information. Dave’s Work ‘N’ Safety Gear receives data about its website visitors only when such information is provided voluntarily, such as when a visitor requests information or a quote, makes a purchase or sends us an e-mail. When you provide personally identifiable information to us through our website, it will be used only to fulfil your specific request. We do reserve the right, at our discretion, to send you information about specials or services. We will not, however, sell or trade your personally identifiable information unless we are authorized or legally required to do so. Dave’s Work ‘N’ Safety Gear takes all reasonable steps to ensure your information remains secure, and to prevent unauthorised access to your information. We use our best efforts to ensure that information received via this website remains secure within our systems, however users should be aware that there are inherent risks in transmitting information across the Internet. We are not responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information..
Returns & Replacements
Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear reserves the right to test and check all products in there store for faults or misuse whenever possible, and if needed contact the supplier of the goods being returned to us for their policy and procedures, as all products and suppliers are different and have different requirements to be fulfilled, We also reserve the right to repair or replace as per supplier recommendations. Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear is not responsible for the cost of freight if products need to be returned to the suppliers for repairs. Or the cost of repairs to any product if deemed not to be covered under warranty by the manufacturer. All products being returned for warranty or faults must have a proof of purchase (receipt) accompanying the goods.
When ordering products from Dave's Work 'N' Safety please be aware that there could be a waiting period due to supply and demand of certain products from our suppliers. Any item not in stock we will be happy to order for our customers. Custom designed items such as custom safety signs, embroidery and boats may take extra time therefore please contact us for availability and waiting periods.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear advise all customers that all products purchased through our website must be paid in full before being shipped. We realize that retail prices change constantly and wish to advise all of our customers that prices are subject to change without prior warning or notification therefore we do our best to keep prices correct at all times. Any promotions partaken in by Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear are correct at time of printing and all products are subject to availability from the suppliers. Sale item prices are absolute and no further discounts will apply to catalogued items.
Viewing Orders
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Updating Account Information
Dave's Work 'N' Safety Gear has upto date records of all of our customers, but would also like any customer who changes their information. Such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, emails or postal/delivery addresses, to please inform us or change their detail on line as we do not take responsibility for incorrectly addressed deliveries.